The blog dedicated to the adventures of a potato and a dinosaur.  We’ll be sharing our thoughts about our travels whether it’s a simple day trip to the park or a month-long excursion to the unknown.

I swear we're having fun.....really...it doesn't hurt at all.
Yes, it was as much fun as it looks. Ire Blue Hole Jamaica.

We like: staying off the beating path, hole in the wall taco shacks, good espresso, and finding what makes locals love their home.

A bit about Potato

I have been traveling longer than I have known that there was a word for it. However, most of my travel up until young adulthood took place in my imagination. I spent much of my early school days staring out of the window creating stories in fictional and historical lands. Once I was established enough to begin traveling geographically, I jumped on the opportunity. Traveling and living in other parts of the country and the world has opened me in ways I could not have imagined. Traveling has been my most effective history teacher. Traveling has kindled my spirituality. Traveling has facilitated doubting spirituality. Traveling has led to love. Traveling has led to heartbreak. Most importantly, traveling has connected me to something larger than myself, nationality, race, ethnicity, and even planet. Traveling has connected me to the human experience and the beauty and awe of life.

I do not have the intention of making overt political statements in this space but I also want to acknowledge the incredible privilege I have to be able to write freely, access endless information, and to possess a passport equivalent to a golden ticket to visit nearly every country at a moment’s notice. They say “the personal is political” and as such, you will likely see some critical reflection…or at least undertones in my portions.

While I enjoy traveling with others, traveling has mostly been a solitary endeavor for me. So, sharing my life and my travels with a dinosaur is just another example of the ways in which my love of travel continues to foster my growth. I hope you enjoy.

Province Town (P-town), Massachusetts

A bit about Dino

I’m Dino, aka Dinosaur, and a fan of all things taco.  I think it’s important to know that I lack the ability to say “no” to pretty much everything. I’ve been like this since I was a kid. Thus, I’ve gotten into all types of trouble and fun along the way. Things like “hey Peter, want to climb on the roof of the school”, “Who wants to got ice skating on this frozen lake?” This list could go on forever. The point being, since I lack the ability to say “no” I’ve been able to stay open to whatever experience has come my way.  It’s been a grand way to live and I recommend it.

Peter in Central Park